Mudang Association
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Baca Mudang Association Bahasa Indonesia

Judul Alternatif Shaman Association, 무당 기협

Sinopsis Mudang Association

If a grim lion calls his name three times, he is taken to the underworld. [Hyukryeonmugang.] [Hyukryeonmugang.] [Hyukryeonmu… ] This is new! I have to live more so I’ll go out!!!!! I desperately swallowed firewood, and I don’t believe it, but I lived. When I woke up thinking that it wasn’t a dream, what inspirations surround me?! I was possessed by the boy’s body. Aren’t you crazy?!! I… I mean the strongest in Sapa, the strongest Sapae cheonju Hyukryeonmugang!!! Beat. Humanity Garbage Dosa’s Mercilessness, Zero Tolerance, Zero Mercy Martial Arts Action, <Mudang Kihyup

Released 2020
Author 기파란, 은열 [Original Story]
Artist 화람
Serialization Kakao
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